In which languages can I ask questions on

The FAQ doesn't contain a statement on which languages are allowed and recommended for posting questions on An answer here and/or an update of the FAQ (didn't find an issue tracker for would be appreciated.

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English is the required language for posting questions on

Since there are French speakers at Nuxeo, we also sometimes answer public questions in French but this is really not recommended because not helpful for web search and will exclude part of the user community.

@bauke-roo: Indeed, English and French are both allowed on the customer support.


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As far as I know questions can be asked in French and English

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Can you provide a reference, please?

I've been working with Nuxeo for over a year, and have seen questions answered in both English and French. (When buying support these are also the two official languages in which you can ask questions)
03/03/2015 (Jira is only available when bought support) But I think the "before you start" also applies for