Hiding widgets on bulk edit form

I'm wondering if it's possible to hide/display a widget on the bulk edit form based on the selected documents.

I've customized the bulk edit form using the process How to Customize the Bulk Edit Form and I'd like to hide a particular widget if any of the documents are not in a specific lifecycle state. I've done this on the edit layout of the individual documents by referencing layoutValue.currentLifeCycleState, but I'm not sure how to proceed for the bulk edit layout.

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I have done this using Eclipse but not using Studio. I know it will be tedious to do without Studio but my project needed it without Studio :-! Nuxeo treats each field as widget. And it loads these widgets through layouts-contrib.xml. So define the widgets that you want to show in xml file and load it. If you need clarifications on doing it without studio then you can revert.

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