Nested query search in nuxeo

Hi we are creating our own system on top of nuxeo using its backend. The problem that i am struck in is that i want to do nested query search in nuxeo . Is it possible through page providers so far i didnt get any thing related to that . if some one can guide me through it would be really great.

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It's not clear what you call “nested query”. If you're talking about something like SQL subqueries then Nuxeo doesn't have this (it's essentially a relational feature, which is not efficient in a NoSQL world, and possibly in the SQL world).

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Following is the link you can just go through it . This is the nested query that i was talking about that i want to do in nuxeo. Can u guide me how i can do it in most efficient way in nuxeo. We tried to use page provider for this but we didnt manage to do it.