Get document by file:content/data

Hi all,

I would like to execute a query that would return to me the document based on the file:content/data field. I have tried several different ways of writing the query down but nothing seems to be working for me.

Could you please tell me is it (and how) possible to retrieve a document via REST API or .NET Client based on the download link of the asset(file:content/data)?

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Thank you very much for your answer. I have read the documentation you suggested but as far as I see it the issue is still there. When I execute the following query

SELECT * FROM Document WHERE file:content/name='correctName' AND ecm:isTrashed=0

I get the result that I expect. This is true for any other field under file:content (ex. file:content/digest also returns a valid response) except of file:content/data. I was able to solve the problem from the question, but I am still a bit curious as to why the file:content/data search is not working :)

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You can get example from the Documentation page on REST API to have example to query documents in Nuxeo with the REST API.

Then, here are some File URLs you can use to get the blob(s) attached to the document.

You can also use the Document.GetBlob automation operation using the Automation REST API calls


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