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Hi I am customizing nuxeo platform with out nuxeo studio. I updated two xml files from my jar project which are DefaultContentListingInNavigation.contentView and global.search_form . After that i uploaded the updated jar in the server. the problem is when i try to update platfrom from the update center i cant see any change. Then i downloaded jar file again saw its content and i get to know that after updating from update center my xml files have been changed to the previous no updated version(default version).It is some how overriding my changes and showing default template. 1)I know there can be some configuration missing that i dont know. Can some one please tell me what can be the problem.?or the process of updating existing nuxeo project through xml with all required configuration. I would be very grateful! thanks in advance!

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The files in .metadata aren't used by Nuxeo Platform. You should look at the OSGI-INF/extensions.xml file.

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thanks but after changing extensions.xml do i need to change deployemnet-fragment as well?or just change extensions and it would work?

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Question, if .metadata files aren't used by nuxeo platform why are they generated? I've seen some configuration in this files that seems important. Do I need to move them to separate components in the data directory and then add them to the extensions.xm file?