long idle cause connection to database lost

The version is 5.9.4, everything runs well. But if I leave the server idle for overnight, the next day I won't be able to login, the error is: Failed to connect to authentication database

My temp solution is to stop nuxeo server then restart, everything become normal again after restart. The problem repeat if long idle happens.

I am confused with this and hope some of you can help. Thanks.


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What database are you using?

I am using mysql, version 5.1.73 The server has a dynamic IP using ddns, but mysql connection set as localhost only.

Have you read Configuring MySQL and set the wait_timeout config option?

Thanks Florent. The problem is solved following your suggestion. I add wait_timeout=31536000 in /etc/my.cnf (Centos) and restarted the mysql service and system works fine now

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