Modify content view without Studio


we want to modify a content view but we dit more the Studio (we have not renewed the license).

So can you tell me where we can find the good file for doing this change (modify a column in a content view) ?

type an image title

Thanks in advance !

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Hi delphine,

If you've saved this work on studio before and updated your platform before your license ran out, then on your local nuxeo directory you should have the studio work saved in a jar file.

While in the root directory of your nuxeo install, check out: packages/store/ Here you should have a listing of items you downloaded from the marketplace. If you created a marketplace build or a snapshot of your project, you should find it here.

Somewhere in this directory you should find a jar file which contains your studio work. If you have multiple jar files, I'd do a grep search. (Using your screenshot, I'd do: grep -rl 'vue_gso_juridique' . )

Once you find the jar file this content view is in, I'd extract the contents of the jar file. Then while in the root of the extracted jar, your content view should be in a path like “.metadata/vue_gso_juridique.contentView.xml” . Here you will find the XML code for the parameters used in the widget. Try making your changes, then re-create the jar directory, and replace the old version of the jar. See if this works for you.

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