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I have a problem with my nuxeo the service is running, but when ingreso say : this message: “If you can read this in your browser, this probably because of a configuration problem of your nuxeo.war/WEB-INF/pages.xml. To change this, edit the OSGI-INF/deployment-fragment.xml of your project at extension pages#PAGES.”

The Data Base is mongoDB.

I hope you can help me thanks

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Please provide the output of nuxeoctl showconf and describe what you did between the working and not working situation.

We expose the internal url to an external apache server with proxy reverse config, and we installed some updates or plugins.

Detected Tomcat server. Nuxeo home: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat Nuxeo configuration: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/bin/nuxeo.conf Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/common-base Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/common Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/default Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/mongodb Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/drive Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/kerberos Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/datadog Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/openid Nuxeo instance configuration NUXEO_CONF: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/bin/nuxeo.conf NUXEO_HOME: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat Distribution

  • name: cap
  • server: tomcat
  • version: 7.10
  • date: 201511092038
  • packaging: zip Packages:
  • nuxeo-content-browser (version: 1.0.0 - id: nuxeo-content-browser-1.0.0 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-template-rendering-samples (version: 6.5.4 - id: nuxeo-template-rendering-samples-6.5.4 - state: started)
  • kerberos-authentication (version: 1.4.4 - id: kerberos-authentication-1.4.4 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-datadog-reporter (version: 2.0.2 - id: nuxeo-datadog-reporter-2.0.2 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-drive (version: 1.5.4 - id: nuxeo-drive-1.5.4 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-dam (version: 6.1.4 - id: nuxeo-dam-6.1.4 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-agenda (version: 1.3.3 - id: nuxeo-agenda-1.3.3 - state: started)
  • easyshare (version: 1.2.4 - id: easyshare-1.2.4 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-diff-pictures (version: 1.0.2 - id: nuxeo-diff-pictures-1.0.2 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-api-playground (version: 1.0.0 - id: nuxeo-api-playground-1.0.0 - state: started)
  • platform-explorer (version: 1.5.4 - id: platform-explorer-1.5.4 - state: downloaded)
  • fs-exporter (version: 1.2.0 - id: fs-exporter-1.2.0 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-spreadsheet (version: 1.1.4 - id: nuxeo-spreadsheet-1.1.4 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-showcase-content (version: 1.0.0 - id: nuxeo-showcase-content-1.0.0 - state: started)
  • openid-authentication (version: 1.0.0 - id: openid-authentication-1.0.0 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-template-rendering (version: 6.5.4 - id: nuxeo-template-rendering-6.5.4 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-web-mobile (version: 1.7.4 - id: nuxeo-web-mobile-1.7.4 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-review-workflows-dashboards (version: 1.0.1 - id: nuxeo-review-workflows-dashboards-1.0.1 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-jenkins-report-mp (version: 3.8.0 - id: nuxeo-jenkins-report-mp-3.8.0 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-liveconnect (version: 1.0.2 - id: nuxeo-liveconnect-1.0.2 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-box-api (version: 1.2.4 - id: nuxeo-box-api-1.2.4 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-platform-smart-search (version: 1.7.1 - id: nuxeo-platform-smart-search-1.7.1 - state: started)
  • nuxeo-diff (version: 1.6.5 - id: nuxeo-diff-1.6.5 - state: started) Templates: Database template: mongodb Base template: default Package template: drive Package template: kerberos Package template: datadog Package template: openid Settings from nuxeo.conf: JAVA_OPTS=-server -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -Dmail.mime.decodeparameters=true -Djava.util.Arrays.useLegacyMergeSort=true -Xloggc:"/opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/log/gc.log" -verbose:gc -XX:+PrintGCDetails -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps -Djava.awt.headless=true audit.elasticsearch.enabled=true elasticsearch.httpEnabled=true mail.transport.auth=true mail.transport.password= mail.transport.user=nuxeo nuxeo.force.generation=true nuxeo.server.ajp.port=8109 nuxeo.server.http.port=8180 nuxeo.server.tomcat_admin.port=8105 nuxeo.templates=default,mongodb,drive,kerberos,datadog,openid nuxeo.wizard.done=true server.status.key=

Thanks, could you also post your server.log on some sharing service like and the output of nuxeoctl status ? I'm looking for all the errors and especially the org.nuxeo.runtime.osgi.OSGiRuntimeService startup summary.

Dear Julien, Attached Command Output [root@proxy01 bin]# ./nuxeoctl status Detected Tomcat server. Nuxeo home: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat Nuxeo configuration: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/bin/nuxeo.conf Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/common-base Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/common Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/default Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/mongodb Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/drive Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/kerberos Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/datadog Include template: /opt/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat/templates/openid Server is running with process ID 4265.

Go to http://localhost:8080/nuxeo

= Component Loading Errors:

  • Resource 'nxtrbranding_static.css' on component service:studio.extensions.template-module-demo should now be contributed to extension point 'org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.WebResources': a compatibility registration was performed but it may not be accurate.

    = Component Loading Status: Pending: 0 / Unstarted: 4 / Total: 804

  • service:org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.publisher.impl.service.PublisherServiceImpl

  • service:org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchComponent


  • service:org.nuxeo.ecm.core.repository.RepositoryServiceComponent


* nuxeo-showcase-content (version: 1.0.0 - id: nuxeo-showcase-content-1.0.0 - state: started)

The above component is enabled by you while configuring the nuxeo after installation.

To set this right.

  • Uninstall nuxeo.
  • While uninstalling make sure you select the configurations to be deleted.
  • Install Nuxeo as you did before.
  • When you start the server,it leads to configuration screen.
  • Deselect nuxeo-showcase-content.
  • Rest everything is as normal

Now it should be a piece of cake to open browser and see nuxeo login page.

If this doesn't work let me know what caused the problem while trying this way out.

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Version is the latest 7.10

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Which version of nuxeo have you installed??

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Is Your database installing correctly(Have You got all tables etc,)? See in server.log if there is any error(It should be something).

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Dear, Michal This is the error in server.log, also it was working normally for about three weeks, we make some modules upgrade.

2016-02-15 16:29:49,469 ERROR [metrics-datadog-reporter-thread-1] [org.coursera.metrics.datadog.DatadogReporter] Error reporting metrics to Datadog 2016-02-15 16:29:59,469 ERROR [metrics-datadog-reporter-thread-1] [org.coursera.metrics.datadog.DatadogReporter] Error reporting metrics to Datadog 2016-02-15 16:30:00,002 ERROR [Nuxeo-Work-updateACEStatus-935] [] Exception during work: UpdateACEStatusWork(, Progress(?%, ?/0), Updating ACE status) 2016-02-15 16:30:00,005 ERROR [Nuxeo-Work-updateACEStatus-935] [] Uncaught error on thread Nuxeo-Work-updateACEStatus-935 2016-02-15 16:30:00,005 ERROR [Nuxeo-Event-PostCommit-959] [org.nuxeo.ecm.core.event.impl.PostCommitEventExecutor] Events postcommit execution encountered exception for listener: blobProviderDocumentUpdate 2016-02-15 16:30:00,007 ERROR [Nuxeo-Event-PostCommit-959] [org.nuxeo.ecm.core.event.impl.PostCommitEventExecutor] Rolling back transaction 2016-02-15 16:30:00,009 ERROR [Quartz_Worker-1] [org.nuxeo.ecm.core.event.impl.EventServiceImpl] Exception during triggerEsclationRules sync listener execution, continuing to run other listeners 2016-02-15 16:30:09,469 ERROR [metrics-datadog-reporter-thread-1] [org.coursera.metrics.datadog.DatadogReporter] Error reporting metrics to Datadog