Nuxeo 5.8 Why Couldn't I modify version incrementation for workspace ?


I created a custom document which inherits from workspace. This workspace is “document is versionable”.

I would like to save modifications of it's metadata as version with incrementing the version when modifiying a workspace.

When I test on classic workspace and nuxeo document “modify tab” by default:

  • for workspace it's not allowed to increment version (Worskpace edit definition ) by default
  • But it's possible for documents.

So could'nt has the “select version” option on my custom workspace. Could you tell me if I need an extension point and which one ?


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It most probably comes from the fact that you do not have the facet “versionnable” on your document. Workspace are not “versionnable” by default, but you can add this particular facet to your custom type.

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Hello, Fred. Thanks you very much. The problem is that facet "Document is versionable" is checked on this workspace-custom document :-(