How ACLS table works?

Hi, everyone.

I'm new with Nuxeo. I've used Nuxeo 7.4. I Have 2 quick questions.

  1. I looked into database table “acls”, I thought it for store permission things for files and folders. I wonder why every records in table always store in “user” field even though I've set acl for group. How Nuxeo distinguish between group and user for permission?
  2. I'm not sure this is a bug or not. I've tried to set GMail smtp via ADMIN page, It's not working until I added mail.transport.user instead of mail.transport.username. Not sure it's a bug or my mistake.


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We're using user for both users and groups, and never the group column, for historical reason. The group column is never used and will probably be removed in the future, at which point we'd also like to switch to storing users and groups prefixed with user: and group: in the user column. Today Nuxeo distinguishes between users and groups by trying both in the UserManager.

See NXP-18141 for your second point about mail.transport.user.

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