Why does Nuxeo only play converted videos, not original ones

I recently had the problem that the video playback was not shown anymore. It turned out that it came back after triggering the video conversion to MP4 480p. However, I'd like to directly playback the original file, since it already is MP4 as all of my videos and most of my videos are already 480p. Why do I need to convert it and both waste CPU and disk resources?

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True. I'm unsure why the developers have chosen this route. However, I would suggest writing a simple operator that automatically does the conversion upon upload and refreshes the content view.



Thanks for the suggestion, but there already is an automated conversion after upload. However that doesn't fix the problem that it makes no sense to refuse playing the original files if they already are mp4 480p. Why is Nuxeo forcing us to double the storage capacity for videos?