Assigning value to an attribute of custom schema from custom operation - is not working in Nuxeo10.10

We are using Nuxeo10.10 and have added two attributes of type String to file_schema for file type. We created a custom operation in java- exported that to Studio-then created the chain/event listener. The Custom operation updates both of these field from the Java code.

Code used for assignment log.error(“Going to assign Content-Text_Attrib”) input.setPropertyValue(“file_schema:Content-Text_Attrib”, textContent); // where input is DocumentModel argument of run method. log.error(“Going to assign Content-Text”) input.setPropertyValue(“file_schema:Content-Text”, textContent);

Now while this is deployed in Nuxeo and tested with a document, the automation chain is invoked and we have all the loggers coming correctly till the above setPropertyValue of Content-Text. But the setPropertyValue is failing with error in log saying - segment Content-Text cannot be resolved, file_schema:Content-Text. Interestingly setPropertyValue “file_schema:Content-Text_Attrib” works and the value is shown in the UI as well. But nothing appears in Content-Text

We dissected the studio package and can see the file_schema.xsd- which has the entry for these fields. ………

Any helps or pointers to correct this will be much appreciated.

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Can you export the JSON of the document that triggers this error?