CMIS partial GetContentStream return Bad Request


I'm trying to get partial content of a Document using CMIS (DotCMIS). To do, I'm using IDocument.GetContentStream(objetid,offset,length). When this request is execute to Nuxeo Plateform 5.6, the server return 'Bad Request'. I have already used this command with other CMIS Server (like Alfresco) and it's work.

Get the full stream of IDocument (IDocument.GetCOntentStream) seems to work.

Nuxeo is it fully compliant with CMIS 1.0 and is it possible to execute this command to a Nuxeo server ? Thanks for help, Regards, Yannick

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Nuxeo 5.6 leverages the Apache Chemistry 0.7.0 library for its CMIS support. Support for content ranges in Apache Chemistry was added in version 0.8.0 (see CMIS-556). According to the following comment in NXP-10351, Nuxeo 5.7 will bundle Chemistry 0.8.0 but it is not clear if support for content ranges will be included. Would you mind creating a Nuxeo JIRA to explicitly request support for CMIS content ranges? If multiple users from the community want this feature, its priority might be raised.

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