iptc metadata in nuxeo 7.1

I noticed the latest version of nuxeo 7.1 is now using metadata extraction. Yet for some reason, I am not seeing the metadata field “keywords” show up with what I entered via adobe bridge.

  1. Is there something I need to do with the configuration of the plugin so that this is visible?
  2. Is there a way to map those keywords to tags?

The idea is we have video editors editing videos in Adobe Premiere. As they edit, they are adding keywords to clips and images that we want to be able to read later and index using nuxeo.

Thank you in advance

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Hello. Can someone tell me what is schema XMP on the Nuxeo document side


Related to Binary Metadata extraction in 7.1, you have all the documentation at this location: http://doc.nuxeo.com/x/w4JkAQ

You will have to enter a metadata mapping between your Nuxeo document and your binary, It's not automatic. The documentation is quite exhaustive normally, but don't hesitate to give your feedback or questions.

In 7.2, you will have a default mapping around EXIF and a little bit of IPTC.

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Thanks for the response. So in other words, it does nothing unless it finds a match?

If I had the following data for example (probed using exiftool -G -json):

  "XMP:Subject": ["animals","blue","eyes"],
  "XMP:Creator": "Mr Bean",
  "XMP:Description": "Blue Owl",
  "XMP:CreatorCity": "Harrisburg",
  "XMP:CreatorWorkURL": "www.example.com",
  "Composite:ImageSize": "720x576",
  "Composite:Megapixels": 0.415

my mapping would be like this in OSGI-INF/binary-metadata-service.xml before I compile the plugin/jar?

   <metadataMapping id="Example" processor="exifTool" blobXPath="file:content">
     <!-- "name" = binary metadata  , "xpath" = document metadata -->
     <!-- See PDF metadata extraction example in this page -->
     <metadata name="XMP:Creator" xpath="XMP:Creator"/>
     <metadata name="XMP:CreatorCity" xpath="XMP:CreatorCity"/>
     <metadata name="XMP:Description" xpath="XMP:Description"/>

And then that data shows up in Nuxeo?

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Everything is right, but you have to create your schema XMP on the Nuxeo document side as well.

Or mapping on existent default schema like dublincore, yes.


Make sure you have setup ExifTool as well.

If you're on macos, brew install exiftool will do the trick.


I have the tools installed. I also used the exiftool to see an existing mapping. Let me see if I can see what you mean by schema XMP on the Nuxeo document side. The values I posted exist in the document. I used Adobe Bridge to create them.