Document creation wizard

Hi all, is there anybody know if it is possible and how to build a document creation layout with a wizard behavior (multi page form) ?

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With the workflow routing engine, you can chain different UI panels to execute a route through several steps and display forms and actions for each node.


There is no builtin mechanism to do so, so this needs Java developments, but this can easily be achieved by handling the current layout(s) to display in a custom Seam component.

The creation page will have to be customized for your document type, and you'll need to handle previous/next buttons display and logics (as well as the final “save” button display) in the Seam component.

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Thanks for answers. I found my inspiration in nuxeo addon nuxeo-template-rendering-web, in TemplateSource creation layout. There is a mechanism to define a “preset” and an “advanced” layout. I keep in mind your answers, they could be useful in the future.

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