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Hello - I've defined a contribution for a custom document lifecycle. It's basically the same as the default but has an additional state. The XML looks like this:

  <state name="project" ...
  <state name="foo" ...

In the UI, when a document is in the “project” state it displays thus: “Project” (Proper case.) When a document is in the “foo” state it displays as “foo” (lower case.) Is there magic that translates the “project” state in the contribution to “Project” in the UI? If so - how do I utilize the magic to make “foo” display as “Foo”? (Reluctant to define the foo state as “Foo” in the XML because everything else is lower case…) Thanks

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Hi, Nuxeo uses cancel=Cancel project=Project approved=Approved etc. So you can do the same thing in your foo=Foo

Thank`s, Bora

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