Studio-generated fields are tot well aligned with manually configured ones

When there are only Nuxeo Studio-defined fields or only manually defined ones, they are displayed correctly in the Nuxeo UI. But when both happen together on a single document, Studio-generated fields are moved to the right a little bit compared to manually configured ones.

About my settings : I'm developing on Nuxeo 5.7-SNAPSHOT, and my Studio project is accordingly set to Nuxeo DM 5.7 (DEV version). There is nothing else special in my Nuxeo Studio settings, and my use is limited to types, fields and layouts (besides using JSON definition of some existing types to extend).

Cause :

Studio fields are displayed in table cells with colspan=“2”. That's because of the custom field layout template (my-form-layout-template.xhtml) used ibyStudio, here's an excerpt :

<c:set var="colspan" value="#{[colspanName]}" />
<c:set var="renderingColspan" value="#{2*colspan*layout.columns}" />
<c:set var="renderingColspanMin" value="#{2*1*layout.columns}" />

Possible solutions :

  • customize said layout, but that's giving up on some Studio features I guess ?
  • customize / patch layout of manual fields…
  • customize manual configuration :

for instance

<properties mode="any">
<property name="nxl_colspan_0">2</property>

But is that really necessary ?? Any cleaner solution ? Or should I create a JIRA ?

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