How do I disable Date modified in the search slot in the sidebar in the web UI?

I am trying to change the contents of the search slot in the web ui side panel. I'd like to just hide the possibility to search on Modification Date, or the Nature dropdown. Does anyone have any experience with this or any idea how to approach this?

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The best option I guess is to start from scratch and create your custom search and hide the default one (it's very easy with Studio to create a custom search form + result page.

If you really want to override the default search:

  • Create a custom element, called for exemple nuxeo-search-custom-form which is a copy of nuxeo-search-form element, and remove the unnecessary fields and update the element id references.
  • Import the custom element in your custom bundle file
  • Update the element name used in the default Web UI bundle file with your custom search element


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Thanks Gregory Carlin !! I'll try that, I did find a way to hide the the search slot, I thought it was maybe possible to do the same with for exmple Date Modified.