installed packages disappeared in admin centre

Hi there,

I'm using nuxeo 5.8 with HF's

It seems like all packages(including nuxeo-dm5.8 and hotfixes) have disappeared in my nuxeo installation (admin centre). However when I look in the bundles directory, it seems they are still there.

I tried to reinstall them and this seems to work however when I try to remove a package, deinstallation is not done correctly.

Have you ever noticed something like this?

Thanks in avdance, Bauke Roo

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I have made the mistake of starting Nuxeo using the Linux nuxeo user sometimes, and the Linux root user other times. If the directories are owned by root but the process is owned by nuxeo, then the binaries cannot be removed and it is not obvious from the logs. Maybe this or a similar file permissions error is affecting you too.

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Hmmm, when I've time I'll try if I can reproduce this and report back. Thanks for the directions :-)