Hi everyone, I am facing Nuexo exception "can not fetch document type id.."

Here i am getting docs value empty can anyone help me pleaseā€¦..PFB code.

public void run() throws NuxeoException {

            String tenantDocumentPath = getOrCreateCPODocTypesForGlobalUsageMangementDoc(tenantId, session).toString();
            DocumentModelList docs = session.query(String.format(
                    "Select * from FlexibleDocType where %s = '%s' AND ecm:path STARTSWITH '%s'",
                    CPO_FLEXIBLE_DOC_TYPE_ID_PROPERTY, fmDocTypeId, tenantDocumentPath));
            if (docs.size() == 0) {
                throw new NuxeoException("Can not fetch fm doc type with id: " + fmDocTypeId);
            if (docs.size() > 1) {
                log.error("More than one fm doc type found for the id: " + fmDocTypeId + " .This must be fixed");

            fmDocType = docs.get(0);
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Can you test your query in NXQL on your server and see if you get any results? This may help you identify any issues with your query.