How to enable View designer in Nuxeo Studio ?

Hi All,

I am exploring Nuxeo.I read some articles and saw video regarding Nuxeo Web-UI and it says that the existing templates can be customized or reused in custom application using Nuxeo Studio View Designer.

I am running Nuxeo 9.1 wth JSF UI and WEB UI addons installed and default is JSF UI. I can open the Web UI from the portal, but from Nuxeo Studio, I do not see the option to open a project in WebUI (as shown in Web UI tutorials using View desinger). I am not sure if there is some specific configuration to enable the View Designer for Nuxeo Studio. If yes, can any one guide me in the right direction.

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Nuxeo Studio Designer will be open to the public within 2 months approximately, as we're unifying the historic Nuxeo Studio interface with View Designer, and adding new features weekly. If you're already a Nuxeo customer or a Nuxeo partner, then you can ask the support team or your commercial representative to activate this feature.


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Thank you for your answer.