CMIS sync empty results

I'm using the Drupal CMIS module to sync content between Nuxeo and Drupal. Has anyone set this up before? Whenever I run cron to update the latest documents the query SELECT * FROM cmis:document WHERE IN_FOLDER('8567c42f-7019-4ba3-b051-eb6a463904b7') always comes back empty, though there are definitely documents in the folder. The documents show up using the browser and in the query SELECT * FROM cmis:document. No errors are thrown, just an empty result.

Any ideas of what the problem could be?


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It may be a permission issue.

Kimberley, did you solve this?



Yousuf Nejati Haven't had any more time to work on it yet, but I found a couple links that I was going to look at when I got a chance. They might help, I'm using the atom client so I believe this searchAllVersions might solve my problem