ISSUE - RepositoryServiceComponent is unable to start when using Nuxeo with Oracle11g or 12C

I have fresh Nuxeo installed on RHEL7.1. Everything works fine when using along with MySQL/H2 platform; however, with Oracle I have got the 'RepositoryServiceComponent' starting failure.

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The server.log generated from Nuxeo restarting process shows that some DB components (Procedure, Function, Trigger) cannot be deployed successfully while 'RepositoryServiceComponent' requires those components in starting process. I have to workaround by disabling the following nodes located inside ../nxserver/config/default-repository-config.xml which will allow the Nuxeo startup process to ignore those required DB components. type an image title

The server.log had been attached. Could someone guiding me whether I miss some configuration/ or this could potentially be the Nuxeo's bug?

Appreciate for all helps in advance.

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