New user email validation link

I am trying to configure a local Nuxeo instance and the initial link that gets sent out to a new user is wrong.

The link is supposed to send new users to a screen where they can set their password for their new account, but the link that is generated in the new user email is broken.

I am wondering where I can configure this link so that it sends users to the correct location.

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What link are you getting in the email? (Replace the host with to anonymize it.)

Yes i think that would work, but I don't know where I can change this default link that is getting sent out. Can I change this in the project settings in Nuxeo studio?

Okay, I found what you were talking about. The application url was set to localhost, and I haven't had to change it yet so it was using that in my email link.

I changed that to the correct url and now the new user email link is working, thanks.



You have to replace the nuxeo.url parameter in your nuxeo.conf file. By default it's set to #nuxeo.url=http://localhost:8080/nuxeo, for example you can put #nuxeo.url=

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