Automation : why do I got zombies doc with PATH=null in database ?


When I did NXQL with Nuxeo Automation I got some documents with : path:null and uid:uid:null

This documents got an ID, a title, and some data files and a lifecycle state.

But why did I got that documents in my database, because this documents doesn't exist in the interface and doesn't have a path ?

To be sure, i cleaned all my binaries and doesn't got any binaries orphans.

Moreover, this is all versions documents, but in database, their versions.versionableid doesn't exist in hierarchy table… This is all documents like that :

select * from hierarchy where id in (select from versions v left join hierarchy h on where is null) order by name;

I don't understand anything about that.. if you know what are this zombies, please tell me.

thank you

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These are likely leftovers versions of documents that were deleted. They should have been deleted as well, but there is an issue in some Nuxeo versions where this can happen (you didn't specify what version of the Nuxeo Platform you use). Note that the version documents don't have a path and therefore are not accessible by normal users, only Administrators.

You can delete them safely at the SQL level if they are a problem for you.

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Hello, thank you very much ! Oops so sorry I always forget !! I'm in nuxeo 5.8. I increased the patch but I was in HF17 5 days ago. And increase to HF20. In database I see that the last problem of deletion seems in June. Would you remember what was the patch to correct it ?