How to specify a Metadata as mandatory?

Hi all,

still evaluating Nuxeo DM which looks really good.

I'd like to know if it is possible to make some metadata field (topic, subject) mandatory when a new document is uploaded.

The idea is to be sure that users won't “simply” upload the document without any additionnal information that I plan to use for search or filtering ?

Thank you in advance


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Nuxeo provides an easy way to create forms with the layout system. This system is more easier with studio that propose an GUI to generate these forms and binding on metadata of the document. The binding configuration view propose you to check mandatory field.

But in your case, you must take care that there is 2 ways to create a document:

  • Historical way: you click on “Create” button and you have a form. Modifying the form of File creation with studio will be easy
  • drag'ndrop way: you drop the file into the browser. we propose 2 kind of file creation smart import with metadata or without. You must remove the second one and make the smart import with metadata the default one.

Smart import with metadata will open a form after the upload of the file. This form used is the same than the File creation.

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Thank you very much for answer.

This perfectly answers my question. For now I'm still evaluating the product and don't know Studio at all. I have consequently two questions:

1) Is that feasible without Studio (and could you point me at some document that explains how if possible)
2) I understand there is a free evaluation of Studio which is possible, but if I develop the form during this evaluation period will it be still usable after the free period or is that mandatory for me to pay for the Studio extension (which I'm not against but just can't afford it now...)

Thank you for your help.