JSF binding in Nuxeo widgets

I would like to know if it's possible to use JSF bindings inside a Nuxeo widget. A binding is typically done on a single property. If a widget is used several times in Nuxeo, it means the binding is reused and that is obviously going to lead to side-effects in many cases.

I would like to be able to index the binding using a value from the layout.

<h:inputText ... binding="#{AutoCodify.bindingProperty[widget.id]}" />

With a property using a Map

public Map<String, UIInput> getBindingProperty() {

public void setBindingProperty(Map<String, UIInput> m) {

The EL language specifications seems to indicate it is possible but I could never get it to work in Nuxeo. I could find no example of that done anywhere in Nuxeo or anywhere else. This might be related to the version of JSF I am using. I have spent several days trying to find a workaround but could not.

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I'd be happy to explain how all this works and why, but i should probably add this to the doc also, and i don't really have time to do all this right now.

If you have a specific use case you'd like to fix, please tell, and i'll try to tell you if i can see a quick workaround.

What Nuxeo version are you using?



I was using Nuxeo 5.5. Sadly, I never got that to work and used a very ugly ad-hoc way for validating. I would still be very interesting in knowning the precise workaround for that kind of problem as it could be useful for future development.