I cant find my latest content query by path with CMIS

I am new to cms systems and to CMIS. I used the nuxeo-bulk-importer to load my content and then tried to query by path.

For example in the console the content was /default-domain/workspaces/upf3/EPF/myContent. When using this path the content could not be found. After running a few queries I found that the path was actually something like /default-domain/workspaces/upf3/EPF.19239009323/myContent.

I am assuming the additional numbers are related to versioning. What must I do to retrieve the content by /default-domain/workspaces/upf3/EPF/myContent? I would assume the latest version could be referenced by the original name.

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EPF.10234235433 is created if you have already a folder named EPF, either present in its parent folder or in the trash). You should check that if you want to do path-based queries (it's usually better do use the unique id instead of the path).

The trailing numbers are semi-random to avoid a collision and not designed to represent latest version information.

Note that Nuxeo distinguishes between the following values, who can be different:

  • title
  • file name
  • path segment (aka url component)

The title is arbitrary. There can be different documents in a given folder with the same title.

The file name can be different from the title. Several documents can have a file with the same file name. A document can contain several files.

The path segment is unique in a given folder. It is derived from the title but in case of collision the suffix you see is appended.

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