Custom metadata not appear on SUMARY TAB with Picture documents


I've created a custom type with custom metadata. I associated the “Picture” facet. Once I created a document from this custom type, on the SUMARY TAB, the “Custom metadata block” disappear : I just have the following blocks : “Image Preview”, “Content”, “Common Metadata”. Normally, custom metadata always appear here (at least with Files, Documents …). I have the feeling that Nuxeo cannot display at the same time the image preview and the custom metadata on the summary tab.

My view layout is correctly created in Studio, and the custom metadata are only viewable from the EDTI TAB

Thanks for your help

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Bug fixed : I've created a tab, with a “view layout” + “picture view” built-in widgets. Then, I apply it on my custom type, and I disable the Summary tab from the Default Tab Filtering.

Well, not that hard, but I'm convinced that it should be a native behaviour of the application

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