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I have created through a custom plugin an extra directory (actually a specific Directory implementation, not an SQL Directory or LDAP Directory). This actually maps to the xvocabulary schema − the point is to be able to tag documents in Nuxeo with items from another datasource.

This works fine and dandy until I want to configure the form in Studio. There is no “Extra directory” registry, so I can't inform Studio that my directory exists… and so, I can't use my directory in my layouts.

Right now the only way I can see of doing what I want is to override the Studio-created layout with extra XML configuration for my layout, which kind of voids the point of using Studio in the first place.

Am I missing something?


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Yes a registry for directories would be a good thing.

In the mean time here's a trick (works with any widget property): put your mouse over the property label, and you should see the property id (in case of vocabulary widgets “directoryName”).

Then in the “custom properties” part at the end of the widget configuration, add a property with this key, and your directory name as value.

Save then reopen the popup => it'll be like you selected it from available directories.

The “custom properties” part is usually useful when you'd like to use EL expressions, or when using a widget of type “template” where properties are not declared to be defined in the form.

Hope this helps!

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Ha! Yes, should have thought of that, I've been using a lot of template-type widgets.

Thanks a lot!


i just noticed that the selected vocabulary is not displayed correctly (but it is correctly saved), i'll fix it, see NXS-1173