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I'm new to nuxeo, testing if the system fits for our purpose. My problem is that one of my documents is not displayed correct and also not stored correct. I tested it with different schema and document structures. First it was showing the data correct, but after adding additional document descriptions in nuxeo studio the data from the schema disappear. I had date in the tables in the database and in the database the entry's where still there, but in the frontend they are not displayed. I tested adding a new entry, and the new entry also don't show the data from the schema and also in the database the entry is missing, the document entry is set correct. Are there reserved words in nuxeo not allowed as data entry's? I also tried generating a new schema and document called person and person core with the same entry's, but got the same problem. With my other documents and schemas I don't have this problem. Schema: patientCore, patientSensitive [patient_id, first_name, last_name, date_of_birth, date_of_death] Document: patient extends patientCore, patientSensitive I than changed it to only one schema, but the same problem.

Thanks for any suggestions. Mfg Robert

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How did you created your new schemas of metadata?

In Studio when you create a new generic schema (content model > schemas), then you have to define on the document type definition that it inherits from this schema. When you deploy you studio project, it will create new tables if needed in the DB This part only defines the data of the document and not how it is displayed, to modifiy the layouts, you have several solutions, the simplest is to modify the layouts of the document itself (creation layout for instance).

This documentation page can be good start to work with Studio:


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