How can I publish examples?

Actually I follow the documentation and create several configurations to validate my understanding. Additionally I get help via Q&A. Is there a way to provide my examples to the community? Perhaps this could help some other beginners.

Examples could be:

  • create a first document type
  • create a first folder type
  • create an action in a folder
  • create an action in a document
  • configure a chain
  • navigate in a chain
  • use dynamic error messages in a chain

An example would be a complete jar archive including a makefile and a readme.

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Hi Michael,

This is a wonderful idea. It would be perfect in the cookbook: Do you have an account on ? I can give you necessary rights so that you can add or modify pages in the cookbook.

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Hi Laurent,

some days ago I asked ChloƩ if it is okay to register because I discovered some minor typos in the documentation but she recommended me to send the annotations to her.

Nevertheless since 2 minutes I have an account - bellmich.