How to add a Collection Search Widget to a custom search?

Since FastTrack version 5.9.3, Collections are available, documents can be added to 1-n collections and the default searches (in DM and DAM views) allow to query on collections thanks to a widget which displays a list of available collections for the user.

So. How can I add this widget to a search content-view using Studio?

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When a document is added to a collection, a new schema is added to this document (collectionMember), with a field storing the ids of the related collections. So, to query on collections, we need to add this schema to the Studio registry, then use a Multiple Documents Suggestion widget and format it correctly.

  • In the Schemas registry, add the collectionMember schema (warning if you already had shema(s) defined: Format the JSON accordingly):

      schemas: {
        collectionMember: {
          "@prefix" : "collectionMember",
          "collectionIds" : "string[]"

IMPORTANT: This step will not be necessary shortly, as this schema will already be made available in Studio directly.

  • In the Content-View used for DAM search, drag-Drop a Multiple Documents Suggestion widget and set the following properties:
    • Field: collectionMember:collectionIds
    • (Operator IN: No choices)
    • Document page provider name: default_collection
      • This page provider makes sure only documents of type Collection can be chosen by the user
    • Hide Help Label: Yes (not required, but better look & feel)
    • Suggestion Formatter: docSelectionDefaultFormatter
      • This formater displays the list of collections without their paths (the default Multiple Documents Suggestion widget also displays the path in the list of documents)


This works only with Nuxeo >= version 5.9.3

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