Why is UI not refreshing anymore after updating lifecycle state of a document ?


I noticed a litle change in UI recently in response to my studio project.

I set a couple of buttons in studio with the following behavior:

Both buttons are attached to the same location in UI. First button is displayed according to a given lifecycle state, and triggers the transition to a following state. The second button appears when the first action is triggered as its “lifecycle condition” is satisfied. Up to now It was working like a charm, but now i have to save the document in UI to make the expected button displayed and it leads to an info message that i don't want to be shown (“document modified” notification).

Can you tell me what changed here ?

Thanks a lot,


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what version of Nuxeo are you using?

Hello, I'm using Nuxeo 5.6

Thanks, could you give more details about the button triggering the lifecycle state change? Maybe the automation chain that it's calling has changed (?)

Hello Anahide, thank you for your attention. This button triggers the publication of the displayed document in a section dedicated to current workspace. But for now it's ok, we can deal with the 'document modified' message.