Filter in Event Handler

I would like to put a complex filtering in Event Handler in automation, and I see there is “Custom EL Expression”. It seems that default JSF EL not working in it.

Can you tell me how it works ?

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You are right JSF EL does not work into this field, Nuxeo used the same language your are using into Automation chains except, you don't need to add @{}.

  • So for the currentDocument title: Document.getProperty(“dc:title”)
  • Equality with: ==
  • String value: with double quote: "

=> so enabled Event Handler if title is toto : Document.getProperty(“dc:title”) == “toto”

  • Current user:
  • Lock Owner: Document.isLocked()
  • And: &&
  • Or: ||

=> check if lockowner is the current user: Document.isLocked() && Document.doc.getLockInfo().getOwner() == CurrentUser.getName()

  • etc…

Nuxeo is conscient that there is different kind of EL language into the platform, we plan to work on a normalization about that.

Hope this helps others Nuxeo users. :D

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I think there is a mistake.

You should use Document.getProperty instead of Document.getPropertyValue


hmmm don't think so: getPropertyValue is the right API to retrieve a field value.

Sorry, you're right, i modified the answer.

I'll check if we can make this a tiny little bit more consistent with other APIs…