StyleClass : on vocabulary widget : in VIEW mode is not working


styleClass is not proposed on vocabulary by default. I try with custom properties configuration, but nothing.

Is it possible to set a “styleClass” property on a “vocabulary default widget” without using custom widget ? Otherwise what is the solution ?

Thank you

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Hi, You can try using “cssStyleClass”. Property is not exposed in Studio as it's non standard and it should be changed into “styleClass”.

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Hello, Thank you Anahide.

I try with a custom property config

name cssStyleClass

value mycssclass

with branding in use >css editor .mycssclass { color: #9962BB; font-style:italic;}

but the vocabulary is not using my css :-(

ps: my vocabulary field in "read only" is in a form of a workflow.


Ok, sorry that it's not that simple… Thanks for the report, this will probably be handled by