Is Nuxeo viable for my very small company with 15 users?

I’m evaluating Nuxeo as a replacement for a hosted SharePoint 2007 solution. My company is quite small, just 15 users. So I can’t afford 15k/year for Connect. If I understand things, that means I can’t use Studio, which seems quite central to Nuxeo usage. I am very comfortable programming in Java, XML, and GWT. And I’ve been using Eclipse for years. But I’m fearful that without Studio, the Nuxeo IDE will be of little use. The cloud offering is also well outside my price range, starting at $1,450 per month.

My requirements are pretty simple. I want a document management system, with hierarchical storage, check-in/check-out, revision history, full text search, ability to define meta-data on documents. I think that stuff comes out of the box, with Nuxeo.

I want to be able to define custom views of my files. So, for example, if I have 10 files scattered around, I want to be able to provide people access to the whole list, in a single place.

In terms of cost, however, Nuxeo seems prohibitive, with 15 users. Is that a correct read?

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I would say that Nuxeo is viable for your 15 person company even without an annual subscription. It will take a little more effort without Studio, but if you are comfortable with XML, Java, and Eclipse then you should be able to quickly pick the basics of Nuxeo customization: adding schemas, creating new document types, implementing custom actions, custom views, and even creating workflows. There are good documentation resources to help you (Start here).

As a side note, it would be nice if Studio were licensed separately (without the need for support), but to date that request has fallen on deaf ears.

Best of luck, Bruce.

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Yeah, I second the need for separately licensed Studio.

But when it comes to picking the basics of customization, it's not that easy. I don't know you, but I clearly miss real-life examples and tutorials on the subject.


And normally I would recommend vendor training as a good starting point, as this is a smaller investment, but the last time I looked all the Nuxeo development courses now seem to have a significant Studio component (great if you going to use Studio but not so useful otherwise). I think it would be great for those starting with the Nuxeo platform (and not planning to use Studio) to have a development course focused only on IDE-based development.

Got to second that too : I should be able to convince my employer (small public sector) to invest into training me. But for the price of the whole package, they'd expect their project to be finished. Not just to be doable.

Thanks for your input. I'm going to take a stab at a simple customization task and see how it goes.


In your case, if you are to choose one of our offers, the Cloud offer is the better option : it provides you with a free-of-technical-burden service, with backup, maintenance and possibility of using Nuxeo Studio for implementing your custom logic, all of this for less than 100$ per person per month (in your case), we can for instance compare this to a pro cellphone plan. That will be the price to secure the work of your employees and also probably get more optimization on their doc management process. As a side note, Studio will save you 10s of days of customization (of course depending on what you aim at customizing), and guarantee you easy migration when you want to update the core part. There is some obvious ROI here!

Anyway, my post just aims at giving some highlights, not to start a discussion on the pricing as for this you can contact our sales team, they are the one who may do some discount!

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By way of comparison, the Office 365 plans which include SharePoint run from $10-$20 per user per month. Those plans include MS Office, as well as audio/video conferencing.

One of the key benefits I saw with Nuxeo is the ability to self-host. I know "the cloud" is all the rage these days. But I far prefer the security and stability of self hosting. The servers I host have virtually no downtime. But the big cloud players: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, they have all had pretty major outages. And the small players sometimes simply disappear.

However I can't seem to afford any self-hosted solutions, from Nuxeo, Alfresco, or Microsoft. So I may be m forced to use the cloud. In that case, Microsoft is offering far more functionality for far less money.