How can I add a number field to the fulltext search?

It seems that Nuxeo is only using string fields to build the fulltext . Maybe using the fulltextExcludedTypes but I cannot find it anywhere being set.

Is there a way I can incorporate number fields, e.g. a year, into the fulltext index? Or specifiy the fields that will go into?

Update: I am using VCS with Postgres

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Hi Gregory,

sorry for the late reply. Did not have the time to look into that until now. Actually, I am not using Elasticsearch, but Postgres' full-text search would be enough for me. Unfortunately, it seems that Nuxeo ignores fields that are not of type string or binary (c.f. At least that's my conclusion after getting a

ERROR [FulltextConfigurationFactory] Ignoring property 'datacite:year' with bad type org.nuxeo.ecm.core.schema.types.primitives.LongType@8b41ad in fulltext configuration: year

(datacite:year is a custom field of ours)

My overall goal is to be able to search by year but also in a combined search term like “contract 2020”. Do you have any ideas on how to accomplish that?

Best, Konrad

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You should adapt the Elasticsearch mapping as described here:

As you correctly pointed out, the default full text field only indexes text fields


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