Management of users

Hello Nuxeo community,

I need to manage users in a particular way.

eg: I have 10 registered users on my system: Administrator, user0, user1, user2, …, user9.

When user2 start a workflow, it sees all registered users in the system. But I want user2 see only the user0, user1 and user3.

It's possible?

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What is the criteria that say user2 can see only this list of users ?

Imagine this:

A Company X with three departaments: Finance, IT, Business

Finance have two user: FI01, FI02 IT have four user: IT01, IT02, IT03, IT04 Business have two user: BI01, BI02

The members of finance departament (FI01 and FI02) just can initiate a workflow (or just can see) to users of this deparment, and same thing to the other departaments.

This is possible?


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