Problem refreshing UI after document deletion


i'm trying to implement a permanent deletion feature : I created a document type that lists the deleted documents for a given user, so that he can permanently delete the selected ones.

Everything runs fine … for the first deletion

It seems that the previsously selected documents are still cached somewhere in the UI (my “permanently delete” button is enabled although selection is empty), so that if i try to delete a second batch of docs, i get a “No such document” error.

I tried to use the Seam.Refresh operation, but it doesn't seem to work.

Any idea ?

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quick question, does it work when you click on the refresh button from the UI?

No, it only refreshes if i get rid of the conversation parameter in the url (eg : &conversationId=0NXMAIN2)

Can you give us your operation chain you used to implement the permanent deletion ?

That is simply :

Fetch > UI Selected documents
Document > Delete
User Interface > Refresh



Same kind of problems with my new "validate button" : i have to refresh the parent container in order to see the effect of my lifecycle transition. I had already met such behaviour with workflows : ended tasks were not visible until logout or a new conversation (link in email).

What's the point of the "Refresh" action since it seems it does not refresh anything ?


Actually we're missing a 'Clear Selection' operation, a bit like 'Clear Clipboard' works.

The code of your operation would look like that:

public void run() {

This will empty the current selection. The refresh UI operation only invalidates queries cache.

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For my second problem ("validate button"), i created a "refresh" automation chain that does what i do in the UI :

Navigate to the Parent document
Go back

Seems dirty … but it works.


the 'Clear Selection' operation works fine : I can select documents after a deletion, nevertheless i still have to refresh the list with my “refresh” automation chain.

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