StartBinariesGC doesn't work on Nuxeo 6


We want migrate nuxeo from 5.8 to 6.0. We got a menu/button to lauch an automation chain which display a document and also run Services -> StartBinariesGC. In Nuxeo 6, we got the error :

“An error occured while executing the chain 'cdc_action_search_inscription': org.nuxeo.ecm.admin.SystemInfoManager.getBinaryManagerStatus()Lorg/nuxeo/ecm/core/storage/sql/BinaryManagerStatus;” when we click on the menu.

Should we removed it from the chain ? Batch operations performed by Nuxeo are enough to remove orphans blob files ?


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Removing orphan blobs is an expensive operation (as it has to scan all the repository) and should only be launched infrequently as an administrative task.

However the code shouldn't produce a stack trace, are you sure all your components have been migrated to 6.0?

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Thank for your replying and for this interresting information about the cost of that operation. We 'll removed it. For the error, are you thinking on something in particular when you said "all your components have been migrated to 6.0" ? We are using nuxeo studio to make the migration. It's possible that some extension points have not been yet uptaded as it's not the only bloquant point for the migration : we didn't check yet all functionnallities of our project.

I was thinking of JAR file from an older Nuxeo. I'm asking just in case but you haven't given enough information about the stack trace in error for us to diagnose what's happening.