Email notification

Email notification doesn't seem to work:

  • Not when a user is created (which would be handy)
  • Not when a user is subscribed to a certain activity
  • Not when an email is sent through the Share UI

I tried to look in the log/nuxeo-dm folder to see any error messages (as the “Debug mode” property for email information is set to “True”), but I still see no error log related to failing email notifications.

What is the difference between “User for mail authentication” and “SMTP authentication” ?

Thanks in advance !

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Just another question: if there should be an error or warning log, should that be in the server.log file or in another file ?

It's getting late, sorry for forgetting crucial information:

I'm running Nuxeo-DM 5.4.2 with hotfix up till HF13 …


Please don't ask a question in the answers section. You can amend your original question, or add a comment to it, or ask a new question.

“User for mail authentication” is a JBoss variable used by the org.jboss.mail.MailService and relates to a JNDI bound object for java mail authentication. This applies only to JBoss based version of your Nuxeo DM.

“SMTP authentication” is the standard email server authentication pattern used by many servers to authenticate the user who wants to transfer outgoing emails via those servers. In other words, unauthenticated users will not be able to send emails via those servers. This is not to be confused with your POP3 authentication used for receiving emails. In Nuxeo you can use this variable when your alerts have to pass through such a server requiring authentication before going out to their addressees.

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