Import a .jar into Nuxeo server

I created a .jar file with maven project into eclipse ( Bundle ), I want import this bundle into Nuxeo server using Update Center .

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In order to import your bundle into the server using the “local packages” of the admin center, you will need to create a marketplace package for it first.

Marketplace packages are highly recommended to deploy your project since they allow you easy install/uninstall/upgrade.

You may find all details on marketplace packages in our documentation center : And a sample is also available on github :

Should you wish not to create a marketplace package, then you could either (from better to worst) :

  • Use a configuration template :
  • Place your bundle directly in the nxserver/bundles directory of your Nuxeo instance and restart the server

Hope that helps !

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thank you,

i did the same instruction in

i put my .jar file in /nxsever/bundles/ and started the server. but i can't see the icon in the workspace !!!

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Can you create another ticket/question for this different problem? in order to provide to users clarity in this topic and to provide you more support.

Thanks a lot


As Bertrand told you, you can install it through a marketplace package. Or in the raw way you can copy/paste the bundle jar into the nxserver/bundles folder and start the server.

And at last for a good dev guidelines, don't hesitate to see this:

It's an eclipse plugin that you can find into the eclipse marketplace letting you dev, deploy and browse Nuxeo very fast.

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