How can i solve this issue?

This problem shows when i show the create form of many types of documents except workspace type as far as i have seen? How to get rid of this error although it does not affect the create form and the result? It is very annoying error because it all over the log everytime i create something.

The log is here link text I am using Nuxeo 5.8 and Oracle Database. This problem show in DM package. Thank you in advance.

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it's weird to have an NPE line 492, don't know which version of Nuxeo you're using. In all cases, it will more efficient if you could explain how to reproduce this error with a bare Nuxeo, because here the error may be related to a new action you've defined …

Well i start nuxeo server and I want to create a File or Folder. It generate this error and then shows the create form of the typology that i have chosen to create. First i thought it was a mistake only for custom types but it happen in File and Folder types too.


My guess is you defined a new action, or a filter for existing create actions, that checks for a permission.

This permission is checked on the document being created, so it's not in the repository yet, so it does not have any reference (aka id), hence the cryptic NullPointerException.

If you do not have much customizations, you should check for action filters for category CREATE_DOCUMENT_FORM and remove the one stating permissions.

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