Enable/disable WorkList, Clipboard?


how do I disable some options WorkList?

For example Paste in current folder , Export to XML

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Old question, but if anyone were to need an answer:

These “options” are buttons, therefore they are actions, defined by the action extension point.

The “Paste in current folder” is defined by this action:

<action icon="/icons/action_paste_all.gif" id="WORKLIST_PASTE" label="command.clipboard.pasteAll" link="#{clipboardActions.pasteWorkingList}">

To disable it, two possibilities:

  • Use the “enabled” attribute for the “action” tag (<action enabled=“false” …) if you need it to be completely disabled.
  • Add it another filter either with a condition implying no one can see the button, or with specific conditions if you need to only partially disable it.

For the other options, you just have to find the right action.

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