After Completing Configuration Wizard, Nuxeo Hangs at Server Reboot

I had a bit of installation trouble with Nuxeo, but thanks to the folks here I got through it. Now when I go through the initial configuration wizard (first time connecting to localhost:8080), upon completing the final step, the “Restarting, Please Wait…” hangs indefinitely. When I close the hanging browser window, reopen it and attempt to access localhost:8080, cannot connect. When I stop the server and start it again, it starts without issue, but when I attempt to access “http://localhost:8080”, the browser cannot connect to it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Please describe your install (use ./bin/nuxeoctl showconf). Did you change the nuxeo.url property? Or the HTTP port? You say it starts without issue; can you confirm the server is started (use ./bin/nuxeoctl status) without errors?

My install is the standard default installation using the nuxeo-5.6-setup.exe for Windows. I changed absolutely nothing.

I checked the log for any errors on server startup, which I noted are marked in red from my previous attempt, and there are none.


Could you try starting the server from command line in console mode, without using the GUI?