STARTSWITH on simple String property in pageprovider does not works


I have no result when I use STARTSWITH predicate in my page provider on a simple String property. If I change the predicate with a LIKE all is working.

Is there someone with the same issue ?


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The explication is in the documentation :

STARTSWITH matches path-like values. When used with ecm:path, it matches documents whose path is strictly under the specified path. When used with an arbitrary string-based property, it assumes that the property value has the form of a /-separated path, and then matches if the value is equal to or under the specified path.

My property value has not the form of a /-separated path.


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Note: PageProvider may give WARNING .. Please ignore and use, it works.

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Write the NXQL query without the “SELECT * FROM Document WHERE” part which is already generated).

Then add your where clause conditions which need to filter for specific DocType.

Also use this *AND ecm:fulltext = '?'

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