Custom Lifecycle (no access to Studio...)

Hello. I'm new to the platform. I don't have access to Nuxeo Studio. Is there a recipe available with the main steps one would follow to implement a customized lifecycle “by hand”, i.e. in Java and XML? For example, to place a state in between “deleted” and the various other precursor steps? Thank you.

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Lifecycles, though related, are indeed independent of workflows.

Have a look at the lifecycle extension point of org.nuxeo.ecm.core.lifecycle.LifeCycleService :

there are several examples including default lifecycle, this is quite simple : one part is about states, the other part about transition between states

BTW, also have a look at that implies to create a “deleted” state and a “delete” transition.

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Hello Eric,

You have a look at to understand how workflows are created in Nuxeo.


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Thank you. I was looking at: And this seems to refer to the ability to modify the lifecycle of a document. This seems different than the workflow documentation that you referenced. Can I modify document lifecycle outside of the Studio? That seems closer to what I am looking for. Though - again - I'm new to the platform. Thanks.