Can't conect to my nuxeo DB in PostgreSQL


I installed my instance of Nuxeo with PostgreSQL by default. But I can't connect to the Nuxeo database through the PGAdmin with data from the tab Admin Center.

What should I do to connect to the Nuxeo database and run an sql dump?


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This is really an Ubuntu and PostgreSQL question, there is nothing Nuxeo-specific about it.


If PostgreSQL is the default, I guess you are using a Debian package or a VM?
Also, is it Nuxeo 5.5 or 5.4.2?
By default, PostgreSQL is only listening at localhost, that's why you can't connect to it from outside the server. See pg_hba.conf documentation.

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I'm using a deb package. My nuxeo 5.4.2 instance is installed on a Ubuntu in dedicated server.

I need to dump my DB for backup. My data directory is /var/lib/nuxeo-dm, now i need to dump my DB.


I'm not really sure of your question, but I think you want to create a dump of information exposed into Admin Center > Activity > Events tab.

If I'm right, this is really simple.

Table used are :

  • nxp_logs. This is the main table you have common information of events audited (id, kind of event, Event Name, docID -if this an document kind event - , initiator of the event, …)
  • nxp_logs_extinfo. This table contains extended informations
  • nxp_logs_mapextinfos. For the mapping between the 2 previous tables described.

So dumping this information is just dumping Events tab, you just have to dumping this 3 tables:

pg_dump -t nxp_logs -t nxp_logs_extinfo -t nxp_logs_mapextinfos dbname > audit_export

And if you want to restore

psql -c "DROP TABLE nxp_logs CASCADE" yourdatabase
psql -c "DROP TABLE nxp_logs_extinfo CASCADE" yourdatabase
psql -c "DROP TABLE nxp_logs_mapextinfos CASCADE" yourdatabase
psql -f audit_export your database
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