SAML authentication - user mapping for nuxeo

Hi, I have installed nuxeo and I am trying to configure SAML authentication for the same. I have installed saml authentication addon and web ui. I have configured the following at Idp,

1. EntityID :https://<<domain>>/nuxeo/ui 
2. AssertionConsumerService URL : https://<<domain>>/nuxeo/ui
3. SingleLogoutService URL : https://<<domain>>/nuxeo

In nuxeo's config folder I have added saml authentication config file along with user mapping config file. I followed the okta sample given at :

I am able to authenticate the user and the Idp also responds back with saml response. I even decoded the response and found to contain the necessary information.

The landing page, https://┬źdomain┬╗/nuxeo/ui, after authentication responds with http 403 (forbidden)

Kindly help. Thank you.

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Baranidaran M What version of Nuxeo are you using? Do you see the user getting created in Nuxeo? You can check by logging in as an Administrator and looking at existing Users

Thanks for the response. I am using LTS2021 version. The user is not getting created in nuxeo. I got this exception in the log file : ERROR [nuxeo-error-log] Missing id

at org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.usermanager.UserManagerImpl.createUser(

Looks like you have a duplicate question here: , so just to confirm, is the user being successfully created?